The post Two “YCombinator’s approved” early-stage startups from Ukraine appeared first on GoalEurope. and Sixa are alumni of the summer batch of YCombinator, “the world’s most powerful startup incubator”. was founded by a Ukrainian entrepreneur Oleg Rogynskyy. Originally, the company presented a smart system that used AI to search for salespeople. The system was supposed to automatically shortlist the candidates based on their strengths and weaknesses. But while in Y Combinator, the team made a helps sales reps to focus on actual selling

Now’s mission is to help companies understand what sales people are doing on a daily basis, measure their effectiveness, and give insights which activities generate more clients. The system analyzes the activity of sales managers collecting the data about meetings, calls and emails.  As the system integrates with calendars, phones and emails to log sales activities that lead to closing deals, it can make recommendations to a rep about the next valuable activity to
spend time on, and help identify deals at risk. Thus, gives sales leaders the insight to coach, mentor and repeat what works and what doesn’t.

TechCrunch ranked it as #2 top startup on YC Summer’16 Demo Day 2. It has over 70 paying customers, four of them are unicorns. The team has 12 people and is opening a new development office in San Francisco.


sixa, ukrainian startup and alumny of Ycombinator

Sixa has just celebrated 1 year. Photo from Facebook.

Another Ukrainian startup from Combinator’s summer batch is Sixa. Founded in 2015 by Mykola Minchenko and Ievgen Nechaiev, the cloud computing startup went through Startupbootcamp accelerator in Istanbul in summer 2015 and soon attracted $140K from the accelerator itself and WS Investments. This summer the team secured $120K from Y Combinator and $300K from TMT Investments.

Sixa is an application that allows the user to launch a powerful personal computer in the cloud and work with the most demanding applications including games. Sixa virtual computers support various devices and have some preinstalled applications, so the user won’t waste time on software setup. Moreover, as applications are run in the cloud, it saves battery charge and eliminates the need of hardware upgrade.

Sixa charges users on per-hour basis, and offers three types of custom computers: for developers, designers and gamers.

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