AtmosIconWhat is the problem you are solving? What is the solution you provide? How is it unique?

The huge app economy is built on outdated app discovery solutions like descriptions, screenshots and vides. Therefore, downloading willingness is relatively low and zero hour churn (uninstalling almost immediately) is high. Game discovery solutions have to be more engaging to boost downloads and revenue for game developers and ad networks. Atmosplay lets users try the first few minutes of mobile games without installing or waiting time. It delivers higher download rates, retention, lifetime value and overall user spending of acquired users compared to video ads. It can be integrated into any ad platform, social app or application store.


When did your company story start? Where are you now?

We launched in April 2015. Recently we pivoted from B2C to B2B and we have our product ready for the market. We raised new funding to bring our product to market in Europe and the US in the upcoming months.

Tell me some words about your team!

We are a passionate team of 5 mobile developers, web developers, designers and sales guys.

What are the next goals and what is the long term vision?

Next goal is to start working together with a couple of big game developer companies and ad networks in the upcoming months. Our long term vision is to change mobile advertising and let all users try mobile games before they would download them.

What was the biggest difficulty in your business that you had to cope with so far?

We started with a standalone app for Android which would have been a substitute for Google Play. It didn’t work out and we had to pivot our product to fit a totally different market with totally different technology requirements.

What are the most inspiring things about being an entrepreneur?

Doing something completely new, learning from incredible people.

I heard about the Pioneers Ventures investment. Tell us some details of the story.

We met Markus and Philipp, the investment managers of Pioneers Ventures back in 2015 at Pioneers Festival. They saw how the team and the product evolved in the following months and we were both convinced that this could be a great match for both of us. They provide us with a great network in Europe and in Silicon Valley, too.


If you would like to learn more about the product click here to see the of Bálint talking at Techcruch Disrupt


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