On  1st  October2012, for the first time ever, Startup Sauna is organizing a Warmup event in Budapest to find it’s best startup and invite them to participate in the 6 week long program in Helsinki starting at the end of October.

Partnering with InVendor, Startup Sauna will meet the most promising startups from Hungary. The day consists of presentation in the morning where each team will present in front of the jury. In the afternoon, teams will have private feedback sessions with the coaches. By the end of the day, the jury will select one team to be invited to the 6 week long program in Helsinki.

The venue of the Startup Sauna Warmup is the Embassy of Finland.

Excellent coaches with global startup expertise will help local entrepreneurs moving forward. According to the website of Startup Sauna the following globally known coaches will give advices for local entrepreneurs in order to get succeed.


Ilkka Kivimäki / Head CoachIlkka Kivimäki

Ilkka is Startup Sauna’s head coach, or as we call him, Admiral Stone. We can assure you that the Admiral will make startups go through blood, sweat, tears and extreme heat in order to have a chance to survive in real life.

Ilkka is also a Board Member & Partner at Kibron Inc, the Chairman at Valoya Oy and Owner of Domino Mechanics Oy. In the past, he´s been Senior Vice President at SAP, CEO at SAP Labs Finland Ltd, CEO at Wicom Communications, Vice President/COO, owner at Nexor-Superstore Oy and Project Engineer at Kone Elevators Oy.
Pasi Ilola

Pasi Ilola is the CEO of Planetify, which helps companies to grow their online businesses globally. Pasi has been building and leading profitable online businesses for 15 years, and has extensive experience in all aspects of managing the growth of a global online product. Pasi managed marketing globally for the Habbo Hotel virtual world, growing it past 100 million registered users, and built a virtual world called Virtual Magic Kingdom for the Walt Disney Company. He also founded a digital agency called Frantic, which he led as CEO for seven years, and most recently he was CEO of Suomi24, the largest social network in Finland.
Oleg Podsechin
Oleg Podsechin is an entrepreneur and startup advisor currently working as the CTO at Mobile Backstage.

Ramine Darabiha / RovioRamine Darabiha

Ramine Darabiha is a French entrepreneur, gamer and blogger. He is the founder and CEO of MySites.com, expert in cloud computing. His past experience is in large scale gaming communities, and recently mentored the Summer of Startups and Garage48 programs. He also blogs regularly about the Finnish startup scene Currently he’s working as the manager of R&D at Rovio.

If you are an entrepreneur you can apply for the Warmup here
The event is invitation only so if you would like to participate as a special guest (Investor, Press, Expert) contact us at:


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