Startup Sauna is organising together with Invendor and Design Terminal an all-day event for the local startup scene to meet each other, key investors and serial entrepreneurs.  This is the second time that our friends are coming from Finland, to find the best entrepreneurs in the region.
The day will start with pre-selected 20-30 startups pitching in the morning. Based on the pitches and the overall impression, about 10 startups get to attend the afternoon 1on1 coaching sessions. Startup Sauna will bring over coaches, combine them with local coaches and provide you help through to-the-point feedback.
After the coaching day we’ll have an easy-going event, which will provide a great opportunity to learn more about the local startup scene, network with relevant persons within the region.
This is an opportunity for Hungarian entrepreneurs to go global by reaching experienced mentors, connections, funding and other invaluable resources.
Local startups attending the event will get:

  • Feedback on how to improve their pitch
  • Coaching from the most experienced serial entrepreneurs and investors
  • Opportunity to be selected to Startup Sauna final program
  • Opportunity to access Startup Sauna -trip to Silicon Valley
  • Possibility to receive media coverage

12:00 Introduction
12:30 Teams pitching
14:30 Coffee break
15:00 1on1 coaching
17:30 Closing words
19:00 Open event for everyone with refreshments and good company



Juha Ruohonen

Juha Ruohonen is the former Head Coach of Startup Sauna. Better known as the Drill Sergeant, Juha made and still makes young startups go through blood, sweat and tears in order to learn what it takes to become an entrepreneur.

He has numerous years of experience in the field as a CEO and as a VC so he knows exactly what it takes succeed and how to fail. He has done both. Nowadays he acts as the CEO of FAM Sports.

Aape Pohjavirta

Aape Pohjavirta is a windsurfer who was pushed into the world of digital media (because of his young age) in the late 80’s. He is currently in the process of starting a global research and development initiative. He is also a Member of the Board of the Finnish Mobile Association.

Aape began his career as a trainer and has recently returned to this same topic by inventing a way to deliver learning to all, thus helping the world to become a better place. He has worked as a salesperson, evangelist, channel developer, team leader, inventor, innovator, venture capitalist, and polarizer in international companies and projects. Aape is also an internationally acclaimed speaker.

Ilkka Kivimäki

Ilkka is Startup Sauna’s head coach, or as we call him, Admiral Stone. We can assure you that the Admiral will make startups go through blood, sweat, tears and extreme heat in order to have a chance to survive in real life.

Ilkka is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor who is actively involved in his own portfolio companies.  Ilkka is also the chairman of the Startup Sauna foundation which is the grey eminence behind all the Startup Sauna operations.

In the past, he´s been among other positions Senior Vice President at SAP AG, CEO at SAP Labs Finland Ltd, CEO at Wicom Communications, COO & Partner at Nexor-Superstore Oy.

Startups who want to participate, have to fill out a short application form, and will be notified a week prior the event.

Peter B. Zaboji

Peter started his career at Siemens in the US and Germany. 20 years later, in 1992, he moved into entrepreneurship. Since then he has founded several companies (e.g. IFCO, EUTEX), and managed the first European buyout of investment company KKR: Bosch Telecom. In 2003, he joined INSEAD in Paris as Professor of Entrepreneurship and mentored startups teams. Later he founded the European Entrepreneurship Foundation (EEF) and run the very first Accelerator programs in Western Europe. Since 2009, EEF provides a multitude of programs and events in the CEE capitals: promoting entrepreneurship & building an ecosystem for business creation.

Imre Hild

After returning from the USA I have founded two startups in 2004 and 2005, both in the niche real estate consumer finance field. In 2009 I started to work with European Entrepreneurship Foundation as Entrepreneur in Residence conducting the specialized Entrepreneur’s English section of the course. In 2010 I joined Primus Capital as an entrepreneurship advisor. Currently I am the Global Entrepreneurship Ambassador of the Hungarian Venture Capital Association evangelizing about the new creed of global startups. At the end of 2012 I became CEO of iCatapult, a tech accelerator and business development company which takes local (regional) technologies to the global markets. In this effort iCatapult draws on the cooperation of dozens of specialist partner organizations worldwide to support the entry of technologies and their teams into the global markets.

Kádas Péter MD

I graduated as a medical doctor in 2001 and an economist one year later. Being a tech entrepreneur for 18+ years, and regularly spending time in the Bay Area, I mastered fields like venture capital, pitching and Lean Methodology – essentail techniques for building a successful startup company. I currently have three ventures, two out of them are startups. Through my blog, I have the honor of establishing the largest Hungarian startup community, which is the 4th largest operating business community Nationwide at the same time. Also, I work as the Chairman of the IT and telecommunication Section at National Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers. Having a 9+ years experience with EU Tendering and public procurement nowdays I concentrate on helping rock star Hungarian startups making their dreams come true in the Valley and in Los Angeles.

Zsombor Imre

Management consulting professional with e-business and financial services specialization, e-vangelist. He is Executive Partner at eBIT e-Business Management Consultants and Head of Strategy & Investment at InVendor. He benefits from previous work experience gained at Citibank, KPMG and Wizz Air. Zsombor holds MSc degrees in Finance and TTC, attended the CEMS Master in International Management programme and PhD studies in Finance. He has international project experience from 15 countries, gained numerous professional awards; he is a sought-after public speaker. Zsombor is a board member at EPCA, the European Payments Consulting Association.
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