In this section we are going to introduce you entrepreneurs, opinion leaders from the CEE tech space. We are starting with Ivan Burazin. Ivan is the CEO of Codeanywhere – a cloud coding and collaboration platform and the Founder of the Shift Conference that is held annually in Split, Croatia.

Ivan Burazin

Ivan Burazin

1. What are you up to nowadays? 

I am doing so many things: finishing up a great year for my IT services company, actively working on Shift ’14 and launching all new version of our Codeanywhere applications.
I have been pretty busy with Codeanywhere lately, as post our investment the team has grown from just the two of us to six people, and we are all working round the clock to launch all new versions of our Cloud coding software. 
We just recently launched our new iOS App which we think have set the standard for mobile development and I must say that the reviews up until now have been excellent! So currently working on new versions for Android Win8 RT and of course an all new Flagship Web Version.

As for Shift ’14 the team is already hard at work, I must say that we have taken Shift one step further hiring full time employees to work on Shift, as it has evolved far beyond a hobby project I started 3 years ago to a full blown event.

2. 2013 was an important year for both You and your startup by reaching many milestones. What would you highlight among them?

Wow, yes such a breakthrough year for Codeanywhere. But the most important I would have to say was getting a great investor and partner Ben Welch-Bolen not only did his company invest 600.000USD in Codeanyhwere which has now given us the runway we need to make the service we always wanted, but also his expertise and insight has really helped us.

3. What are the plans for the upcoming year?

Well, we just launched a whole new iOS that we believe will set the standard for all mobile IDE’s and Code editors in the future, and the feedback has just been amazing. So we will continue with that path with the launch of Android apps in January and a whole new web version as well early February. So Q1 14 is mostly about getting all the platforms aligned both design and feature wise. But after that we have something really really mind blowing but this is still very very “hush-hush”.
4. How do you see the development of the regional startup ecosystem?

The region is moving forward slowly but steadily, it is slow because we have not yet created a Worldwide breakout success that originated from the CEE region, but there is a constant and steady growth of new startups from the region that do have the potential to become that success. We are still missing really great success stories lets say Prezi is a good one, but we need a Skype of the CEE region to really get things going.

5. How do you see your role as entrepreneur in this process?

Well as any entrepreneur if, or should I say when (laughs)  I succeed it will serve as inspiration to others to try to go done the entrepreneurial path. But more than that I actively promote entrepreneurship and do dedicate quite a big chunk of my private time to The Shift Conference in hopes of creating a stronger bridge between the CEE and Silicon Valley.
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