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The Krakow-based startup CallPage has raised next investment round from local venture capitalists. ne of them is Rafał Brzoska, the founder of InPost, the largest chain of automated parcel terminals in Europe. It became the first investment for Brzoska’s new venture fund bValue. The deal has two other participants, one of them is Marian Overko,  the creator of a food product line Bakalland, the other is Tomasz Mishiak the founder of the recruiting agency WorkService. The amount of the transaction made up €500K, the terms are not disclosed.

CallPage was founded in 2015 by three Ukrainians: Rostislav Knap, Adrei Tkatchiv and Sergei Butko. They got acquainted in Poland and developed CallPage widget that allows to quickly connect a buyer and a seller by phone.

CallPage analyses the behavior of website visitors, recognizes the interested ones and offers them a free call back within 28 seconds through VoIP-telephony (Voice over IP). The CallPage widget decides itself when it is the right time to get engaged into a dialogue with a client and ask for their phone number. CallPage can be integrated with CRM systems.

It’s not the first investment into CallPage. In July 2015, when the service wasn’t launched yet, the team had attracted €50K from the Polish investment fund AIP Seed Capital. By September 2015 CallPage started to work on the English-speaking markets. Then the company was accepted into Estonian accelerator Startup Wise Guys, and got a €30K investment.  In April Butko, Knapp and Tkatchiv began to look for investments and started talking to a few funds. And in May they got acquainted with Rafał Brzoska in the plane on their way to demo day in London organised by Startup Wise Guys. The CEO Rostislav Knap told Brzoska about the project and persuaded him to invest in CallPage via his VC fund bValue.

Currently CallPage is serving about 1,000 companies, including PWC, BDO, and some of the Volkswagen dealers. The company is doing to spend the money on product development, marketing and acquisition of English-speaking customers, mostly from the UK and the US.


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