Shift Conference announces the 32 teams that have entered the Shift Challenge and have a chance to win the $10.000 Grand Prize.

The Shift Challenge is a unique chance to win glory, fame and prizes from Softlayer, Nokia or the grand prize a $10.000 check from Societe Generale (Splitska Banka), with no strings attached. The winner of the final will be selected out of the 32 participants.

The Shift Challenge will take place on the 22nd of May, which is the Mentors day. All day, the teams will pitch, get feedback and have meetings between the teams and mentors, which are consisted of investors, journalists and entrepreneurs.

After going through over 130 applications from 4 continents, the day has come to announce the 32 teams that have entered the Shift Challenge.

Field pod (Croatia)
Social Paragraph (Germany)
Analythink (Turkey)
Starbox (Portugal)
Freelance Pro (Ghana)
Vidzor (Hungary)
16Tags (Germany)
Zoomsquare (Austria)
Monitor Backlinks (Ireland)
Skiipi (Bulgaria)
Sportly (Austria)
Pubsonic (Serbia)
Use Together (Romania)
Puzzled By (Romania)
REMIXER (Croatia)
Baby Watch (Croatia)
Appoitment Labs (Croatia)
Party (Croatia)
Sizem (Croatia)
Klikeri (Croatia)
Backway (Croatia)
Taggium (BiH)
Amplio (Croatia)
Ponude i Racuni (Croatia)
Mingle (Croatia)
Manage HR (Croatia)
Life Patch System (USA)
LegalTie (Croatia)
AuThink (Croatia)
Cropta (Croatia)
cQuest (Croatia)
BeaverCleaner (Croatia)

The Shift Challenge is coorginzed by the European Enterprise network, and will be held the day before the Shift Conference. Shift Conference is taking place on the 23 & 24 of May, in the city of Split, Croatia.

More details on the Shift Conference and Shift Challenge will be release soon so keep an eye on the official site


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