There seems to be a bright future on the horizon for the regional entrepreneurial ecosystem, with a new start-up accelerators and incubators emerging. Today, we want to point one of the fast growing accelerators from Slovenia, ABC Accelerator. After successfully wrapping up their first program, for “Smart City” solutions, the accelerator team keeps on accelerating.

Already working with their second batch of start-ups, this time within the sector of “Smart Living & Health”. In exchange for an 8% equity share of the start-up, ABC provides an investment of 15,000 euros, access to a global network of investors & business partners in mind-boggling numbers, offering their own connections and those provided by the global accelerator network.


Going beyond offering mentorship and connections, ABC’s 3+3 month intensive learning program flies in professionals from every corner of the globe to teach the young entrepreneurs everything they need to know before creating & managing a global company. The start-ups delve into topics ranging from business modeling to the latest marketing techniques, Gone are the days of pirating online tutorials, ABC makes sure to fill every spare moment with 310,000 euros worth of goodies, among others, online lessons for those, who weren´t able to attend ones.

The young teams can then use their newfound expertise in the ideal testing environment of BTC City, where ABC is located, offering 4,500 companies and over 20 million annual visitors.

Oh and international teams, you will have a place to sleep! ABC is the only accelerator on the planet offering free accommodation, though the team could just as well use the housing as a storage facility with all the sleep you’ll get during the program.

All of this, and more, to prepare the young entrepreneurs for the pitching event of their life, ABC Demo Day. Held twice a year in Ljubljana, and streamed virtually to international investors. With over 70 investors attending the first event, setting a new record of investor attendance in the region, and many more lining up this year, it’s an incredible chance the start-ups will remember for the rest of their lives.

Once the start-ups finish the program, with new knowledge in their mind and investment capital in their pockets ABC is ready with a co-working space spreading 2000+ square meters, where each start-up can find office space with an ideal ambient.

APP RAY – Austria

What do your mobile phone apps know about you…? Maybe more than you think.
App Ray, as a research institute spin-off, scans smartphone applications and searches for problems and potential threats for your personal or corporate data stored on the device. It is a fully automated process, can scan apps without accessing source code, and it is able to highlight vulnerabilities, data leaks and privacy breaches.

DENTEM – Albania

Dentem is a platform for all things dental.
Bringing dental doctor and their patients on the same platfrom. doctors can manage their practices and business with all the electronic tools. patients can see their personal history as well as discover clinics and book online.
Dentem´s monetization strategy relies on subscribed dental clinics that will use the platform as a CRM ERP and its more like a SaaS business. What differentiates us is that we are mobile first and the first dental platform to do that but more important than that it’s that we bring the patients in the platform as well. It’s more like AirBnb for clinics or Uber depending on how you see it.

HOMEY – Slovenia

Homey, a mobile app for families that takes chores to another level – with snapshots!
HOMEY enables a fast and easy way for families to communicate about household chores. Create, assign and complete chores with one click by taking a photo. A knowledge base enables everyone to complete even the most difficult chores. Gamification makes chores fun and promotes competitiveness.

KRIPTO – Slovenia

An automated trade platform that links various crypto currency exchange markets and provides cutting edge trading & arbitrage tools. With this platform you can automate your trading portfolio and focus on analysing the market.
A platform which:

  • connects various exchanges
  • enables movement between exchanges
  • controlled profitable trading

MOGY – Croatia

Mogy is a specialized b2b saas app solution for personal trainers and their athlete clients.
It provides a powerful and unifying experience in communicating and managing workout plans between trainers and clients. With Mogy, trainers save time (even to 3x less shown from a couple of our clients) and earn more money.
Athletes are happier while their progress and statistics is easily tracked by their personal trainer. This way everyone is performing better, using less apps and various tools to do their workout tasks. Mogy is pushing trainers and athletes beyond their physical limits! Here at Mogy, we strongly believe that this is the next big step in the multibillion dollar business of fitness and thats what we want to see from our clients and You.

MOJ BUDGET – Slovenia

An AI personal finance assistant, Max, is the core of this application, which promises total freedom from financial stress. Formed as a spinoff from a successful personal-finance advisory firm, it learns from the spending habits of the user, and advises them based on their incomes.

POINTME – Croatia

Pointme is a platform for generating authentic marketing – whose users are creators and the audience at the same time. Clients create challenges, and users (consumers) get rewarded when they share their created photo-campaigns on their social media.

SPORTLY – Austria

Sportly is creating the infrastructure for a new digital fitness age. it is a self-service ticketing platform for sports courses. Sportly generates an own webpage with an included communication, booking and payment – system for each course, which is shareable on every social network. Sportly is available on all platforms and smartphones.

VIS MEDIC – Serbia

VisMedic is the first “online hospital” / telemedicine platform in South-Eastern Europe. It is focused at patients seeking second opinion or medical advice from eminent physicians. The platform also features a full online health records system with medical documentation/imaging exchange. VisMedic represents a great tool for online moonlighting for doctors.

ZETADRIVE – Slovenia

ZETADRIVE™ is an advanced 4DOF motion driving simulator, developed to place the driver in a real life environment. VR-enabled and connected with EEG monitoring, the system is able to analyse the resulting big data stream to produce a report which can then create algorithm clones. Through combining these and machine learning, the goal is to create a real “brain” for self-driving cars. Currently, it is employed as a tool for evaluation and training of drivers, offered to insurance companies and car manufacturers.

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