Pioneers Budapest will take place on 27th April. This event taking place in an informal setting at LogMeln office is an opportunity for startups to win a free ticket to the great Pioneers Festival in Vienna.

The motto behind this famous festival is to make sure that Pioneer’s vision comes across the right people to become a reality. That’s why it gives space to seed and early stage startups with great ideas in the technology and science fields to showcase to investors and corporates. The international media coverage allows these promising startups a large public access as well.

The festival, located in the heart of Vienna, features various programs such as the Pioneers Challenge – a start-up competition including 1 month of mentoring-, the Pioneers Showroom, the 90 seconds pitches competition, or the Pioneers Discover, which supports collaboration between startups and corporates.

We have talked to Nino Karas, co-founder of Codewell and winner of last year’s Pioneer Community Award for MarkO, a smart task assistant that highly attracted the public’s interest.

Nino, tell us about Codewell and your product, MarkO

Codewell is a company experienced in mobile apps development. About 6 months ago we came up with MarkO. It’s a friendly location-based task assistant. It helps you to remember what you have to do whenever you pass by the place where you can do it. It’s a free app with special features such as the possibility to share your tasks with your friends or family. Just last week we have released a new public Beta version, so users can test the newest features!



You won the Community Award at the Pioneers Festival 2014, what did it change for you?

With MarkO we had already participated to several competitions, and we won a few! At the Pioneers Festival we met a lot of people, it is great for networking. The Community Award is based on the vote from the Pioneers participants. They found our product good and they voted for us. This award generated a lot of press releases on international portals, which increased the downloads for MarkO. Another great benefit was that a marketing agency worked with us on our motto, our design, our pages… this was very effective and helped us a lot!

And how would you describe your experience during the festival?

Pioneers Festival is one of the best organized startup conferences in Europe. You meet a lot of great startups and influential people. It’s a match-making event, a good mix of work and fun. It’s very intense. It was an awesome experience!

MarcO winning the Community Award at Pioneers Festival 2014

MarcO winning the Community Award at Pioneers Festival 2014

For us it was very productive and gave us some new insights. Actually we met a couple of people who became our mentors and this lead us to being accepted last February in 3 accelerators programmes! We chose to take part in Rock Start, an accelerator programme which takes place in Amsterdam.

Wow, this is exciting! What are you expecting from Rock Start?

We have a lot of challenges and Rock Start will help us. We expect to move from seed phase up to our first investments, for MarkO to become a more serious international product. We’re a team of 6 working on MarkO and all of us are going to Rock Start. We’ve done a spin off in order to focus exclusively on this product.

Well, good luck for the future developments of MarkO and for this new adventure!


When they participated at Pioneers Festival last year, Nino and the rest of the Codewell team had applied directly on the Pioneers website. But startups can also apply locally for one of the local events, and win a free ticket to Pioneers Festival! So if your startup is looking for a new kick, apply here for the Budapest Pioneers event:

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