Why Pioneers? Year after year, the organizers of Pioneers Festival work on to make the best out of all their local events. Read the fragments below…

InVendor organised seven editions of Pioneers Budapest already, and with that, holds the record of longest running local event under Pioneers Festival brand. The Budapest event has developed from a meet-up to an event with international key-note speakers like Jane Zavalisina. InVendor’s goal with Pioneers Festival was always to bring value to the Hungarian startup ecosystem, applying the core values of Pioneers Festival – connect, inspire, empower. Invendor connects people with the event, empowers startups by providing them coaching from Pioneers Festival’s official coaches, links them to the corporations, and inspires them by bring world leading minds as speakers.

The 7th edition of Pioneers Budapest was dedicated to Big Data and Business Productivity.

Pioneers Budapest’s speaker, Jane Zavalishina, head of Yandex Data Factory highlighted, that as more and more data are generated, we can expect to see a higher level of artificial intelligence as well as replacement by robots in most jobs will happen in a matter of time. It does matter where you want to be as an entrepreneur. You can either stick to the old-fashioned, traditional business models, or keep up with technology, make a startup and collect plus analyze all data. Big data is not helping you to make decision – it is making decisions for you.

The winning pitch of the night was Wyze.me‘s. Wyze.me is a mobile and web application that gives you a full picture of your finances, automatically. Wyze.me focuses on giving up-to-date, at-a-glance financial health information by aggregating data from multiple financial accounts including bank and investment accounts, retirement plans, healthcare spending accounts and cash. These aggregated financial transactions, recurring expenses and one-time cash expenses are automatically categorized to help the user set budgets and saving goals.

The winners: Wyze.me

The winners: Wyze.me

Besides Wyze.me, talented startup companies like Neticle that analyzes online feedbacks to help companies in decision making, CX-Ray that decipher organizations to show how it functions as a network, Voxilio that manages calls, text messages and voicemals as easy as e-mails, and SpringTab, a digital platform for auto-personalized content publishing had the chance to introduce themselves.

Speedinvest, European technology seed fund based in Silicon Valley and Vienna dedicated their existence to execution and creating world class companies and had their second time as a jury of Pioneers Festival. 

As Pioneers is not coming back to Budapest in 2015 for a third round, it’s time for all startups to celebrate this year’s success with Pioneers Of The Balkans! Located in Croatia, the event doesn’t only give you a chance of learning, networking and being a part of a traditional conference but invites you to a charming city, where you can meet friendly and welcoming people, so save the date: December 3rd & 4th, 2015 – Zagreb, Croatia!

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