How would you briefly introduce yourself? What is your startup all about?

I’m Attila Kecsmar, CEO of Antavo. We’re a loyalty program provider, so we’ve developed a software that lets ecommerce companies build gamified rewards programs for their stores, to increase customer retention and sales.

How did your company story start?

I started to work on Antavo alongside my 3 co-founders in 2011. I had previously had a web development agency, and I wanted to build something more scaleable, which why we started to develop a Software as a Service solution.

We originally started out as a contest platform – a marketing software to attract new potential customers. That platform still exists and many companies are using it, but we realized companies are looking for more ways to reach customers, and want to reward them more than just a few times per year.

Companies want to see who their most valuable customers are and create incentives to keep them for the long run. This realization gave us the idea to develop our second product, the loyalty software, which allows our clients to reward different customer actions throughout the browsing and shopping journey, like making purchases, watching product videos or inviting new customers to shop.

It’s an amazing journey, and I am grateful for all our clients, colleagues, and investors (Seedcamp and iEurope) who are with us.

How does the software work?

When clients first start working with us, they choose different modules that best suit their business goals, for example driving sales, increasing social media engagement, or getting referrals. Each module represents different customer actions online. Once they’ve chosen, they set up point values and we spend time helping them get set up in their store. We have a pre-built ready-to-go version of the software that can be set up in a week, and we also work with enterprise clients to build customized programs with unique features that fit their business profile and goals.


Below you can find an example, this is the loyalty center of Joya Life’s new rewards program. Joya Life is from Guatemala, they sell jewelry and home decor items. They’re rewarding customers for purchasing, sharing pages and inviting friends in their loyalty program.


What are your next goals? And what about the long term plans, what is your vision for the future?

Our goals are to keep building upon our current system. We want to make it easier for companies to connect their loyalty program with their mobile apps, because that’s what end-users (their customers) are using on their smartphones. We also want to incorporate AI, or machine learning, in order to automatically select different loyalty campaigns for our customers, i.e. double points events, based on customer behavior, saving our clients time on choosing which promotions are best for each customer segment. I think that’s really the next big step for our industry, and we want to be at the forefront.


Please, briefly introduce your team!

Ah, what a team we have! There are now 16 of us. We work with highly-skilled developers, eager to experience how new technology and tech trends can revolutionize the loyalty industry. Antavo’s vision is guided by 5 people, including myself, our dev mastermind and CTO, Gábor Csarnai, our marketing captain and now Head of Business Development, Zsuzsa Kecsmar, our numbers whiz and COO, Andras Bencsik, and the best of the best in sales, Andy Nemes, who joined as a late-co-founder.

Click here to get an insight of a day at Antavo!

What gives you inspiration?

New technology trends and how they’re changing the face of customer behaviour and experience. Look how much technology is influencing our lives. Think about home automation. 10 years ago it was nothing, now robots can clean your house. Now technology is a part of each aspect of our lives!

I also follow new video games, even though I haven’t played in ten years. Video games are very engaging, they can create a real community, and believe it or not, they’re quite closely linked to loyalty programs.

What do you consider your biggest accomplishment so far and what is an example of a great challenge you have successfully overcome? What is the biggest challenge you’re facing at the moment?

We’ve created a product that companies really need. We are changing how people work.

My biggest challange is to create a service company out of a software development company, because our clients need more than just a piece of software – they need guidance.

What are you expecting from the collaboration with Emarsys?

We’re both in the business of increasing customer retention, so we want to provide a more powerful solution to enterprise companies together, combining automated communication and loyalty programs. Through this partnership, we expect to be able to support one another in bringing better sales results for our clients.


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