Bevy – Everything Startup‘ is an innovative startup networking app that makes easier for everyone involved in the startup world to connect with each other. It is focusing on minimizing the high startup failure rates by connecting the right people. By creating meaningful engagements centered around problem solving and critical thinking, we hope to make a dent in the widely touted 90% failure that startups exhibit, globally.

Bevy- Everything startup is an app for startups founded in September 2016 by an IIT Bombay alumni. CEO Mukesh Naraniya who is an IIT-Bombay dropout along with other founders have been a part of several failed startups and understand just how important it is for the entrepreneurs to interact and solve problems. Having tried more than 6 startups at a very early stage of his career, it was evident that startups needed a common platform to get things done.

The user base for this app currently spans job-seekers, advisors/mentors, investors and entrepreneurs at every stage. The platform has been designed keeping in mind simplicity of use and is a great place to meet a potential co-founder, discuss your B plans and receive valuable inputs from a wide network of experienced professionals willing to help out budding entrepreneurs. It’s also a great platform to find useful tools on marketing, business development, design, development and much more.

“ In the near future, Bevy plans to get tech-heavy in its approach. We’re already in the process of building tools to affect Product/Market fit and we anticipate that it will go on to be really useful for the startup community.”

says Mukesh, as the company goes on to identify key pain points faced by entrepreneurs worldwide.

Bevy is a funded, pre-seed stage startup. The app is live on the Android Play store and the iOS versions in on its way. The app has been thus far successful in creating meaningful engagements in it’s path to unifying entrepreneurs all over.

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