All the CEE ladies – who are the top 12 woman startups?

The jury of CEE Women Startup Competition has announced the shortlisted top 12 female-run startups out of 120 applicants. The overwhelmed online jury included representatives from no bigger names than the Nordic Startup Awards, Yandex Tolstoy Startup Camp, Deloitte, GE Healthcare, Google, EuCham and Pioneers Festival. The female entrepreneurs are now invited to participate on a 4-day-long program consisting of mentor sessions, workshops and presentations in Budapest. Read on to get acquainted with the dirty dozen.

To meet them live, get your ticket for the Demo Day 23 March at Prezi House Budapest.

  • PETME love adoption, Hungary

The idea is to be the first fashion company that specialises in designing and hand making matching accessories for dogs and their owners, by also creating awareness of the important and often forgotten issue of pet adoption among fashion lovers.

  • Evebuzz, Lithuania

EveBUZZ is a social network to meet friends or like-minded people nearby and easily set up a meeting on the spur of a moment. Furthermore, to arrange paid meet-ups and join them.

  • Swapr, Romania

Swapr is a mobile app that lets women easily swap clothes. It offers a neverending wardrobe and a solution for getting rid of the items you are bored of, swapping them with other women in your area.

  • Ufeed, Poland

At Ufeed, people make brands donate to the charity projects while promoting these donations on social networks improving companies’ image and digital visibility. Instead of paying , a user makes the message on the donation go viral. The donation is unlocked with a Tweet or Share.

  • Key2Office, Austria

Key2office is a transparent B2B marketplace for finding and sharing space to meet and work in Europe. The idea came after noticing the need for flexible working and meeting spaces, on the other side the empty office spaces.

  • HeyBeauty, Austria

HeyBeauty is an exclusive platform for easy booking of beauty appointments throughout Austria. HeyBeauty provides 24/7 access to top salons and spas — from Hairdressing and nail salons, beauty salons, massage studios to spa facilities and day spas. You can discover tested studios, read reviews from beauty bloggers and other HeyBeauty users and book your appointment online.

  • Zdravprint, Russia

Zdravprint is a developer and producer of individual, lightweight and water friendly 3D printed casts and splints. We solve the problem of uncomfortable recovery in all cases mentioned above and give people better quality of life during recovery process.

  • Gubbio, Hungary

Gubbio is a customizable mobile app for children and their family living with autism.It supports understanding, setting up daily agendas. It helps parents with sending reminders. Gubbio collects data for further processing.

  • App2start, Hungary

It is an application that provides location based marketing for companies. It solves the problem for companies of finding the right target market/ individuals, as they only send out advertisement to people who are locally right in there area. Through the application users can get special discounts from companies, service providers based on their location.

  • Comfee, Estonia

Comfee is a smart device to retrofit ordinary window blinds to save time and energy. The solar powered, removable device clips onto existing blinds and automatically adjusts position of slats according to the room temperature, lighting conditions, changing weather and time of day.

  • NA BANK!, Poland

NA BANK! (Virtual Bank for Kids) is an educational internet portal created with a view to developing financial consciousness of children. The aim is to give kids permanent education in order to prevent them from financial problems in the future.

  • MyStay-SixStars Group, Czech Republic

Project myStay is focused on a modern communication between the hotel and their guests using smart technologies — mobile phones & tablets & TV in lobby, in the hotel rooms, in the conference area. The Application sells services, promotes news and actualities, informs, saves costs and time of the hotels staff, navigates in the city and in surroundings, gives a chance to the hotel to communicate directly with the hotel guests.