Yesterday we had a blog post about the two Hungarian companies that will be the members of the Startup Sauna crew that goes to the Silicon Valley in next January. Now has the unofficial list of the participating companies. You can find their description below in this post.


The most advanced platform for creating music games and music applications for Os X and iOS.

With our unique and disruptive Music Theory Automation(MTA)-technology anyone can play and improvise so naturally that not even a music professional can tell if it is you or a skilled pianist – no playing skills required !

We are currently finalizing our first commercial products based on our Easy-Play platform with revolutionary new features. Stay tuned for music games and applications never seen before!

Founders & Key Contacts

Jussi Bergman CEO

Product Stage: Stealth
Industry: Music games, music applications
Office location: Helsinki, Finland


The music discovery service on your iPhone

Clerkd is the new way to discover and play music. It’s an iPhone App that introduces people to new music through 1.People/Tastemakers (Friends, Bands, Blogs, maybe even their Mum?), 2. What’s popular in their favourite musical regions and 3. An intelligent recommendation engine (He’s a robot named Clerk) that learns what music people like and when/why they like it so that it can recommend the best music for them whenever/wherever they are .It’s all about helping you find and play the right new music for you! Head to to find out more and request an invite to our beta.

Founders & Key Contacts

Hanna Toivonen, CEO
Kiki Ylimutka, CMO
Tim Ermilov , CTO
Malcolm Stewart, COO

Product Stage: Private Beta
Industry: Music
Office location: Helsinki, Finland
Twitter: @ClerkdMusic


Entry level social media analytics tool for SMEs

EzyInsights makes social media analytics easy. Social Media analytics is just too hard and too time consuming for businesses without data scientists.

EzyInsights solves this problem by being so easy to use that any business that utilises social media can get real results with the minimum effort. We reduce the complexity and save you time. We do this by guiding you through the process, aligning your social media activities with actual business goals, measuring what’s important for your business like ROI and engagement, and by actually analysing the data for you so we can make actionable recommendations – right in the system – that will help you improve your business goals!

Founders & Key Contacts

Duane Atkins, CEO
Paul Wistrand, CTO

Product Stage: Beta
Industry: Social Media, Analytics
Office location: Helsinki, Finland
Twitter: @ezyinsights

The Part 2. will introduce you Froont, GoodsMaster, Mcule, Usetrace, SooMeta.
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