Yesterday I have been attended to the Investor Day of Startupbootcamp. The best companies came over from different parts of the world (eg. US, Europe) as the graduates of the accelerator programs running in Coppenhagen, Dublin or Haifa. The event went well despite the last minute change of the venue (it was held in the University of College London, but in different building). There were hundreds of people, including VC investors, business angels, journalists among the participants. The following companies were presenting:

  • Viewsy is a rapidly growing location analytics startup, formed in 2011 as a solution to a common problem faced by retailers the world over: understanding customer behavior in physical space in order to manage businesses better. Viewsy’s solution continues to excite the marketplace
  • frestyl helps concert organizers bring more people to their events, especially on weeknights, by offering custom specials.
  • Roozz lets people rent software online.
  • ItsPlatonic. The go-to site for making new friends online. It’s like an online dating site, but for friendship instead of romance.
  • A full stack JavaScript framework for building real-time cross-platform HTML5 applications.
  • Spotistic aggregates and digests data from a multitude of location-based, social media, and open data services (Yelp, Foursquare, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook Places etc ) to provide you with a comprehensive view of your customers and competition at all of your store locations.‬‬.
  • Weavly offers a portal to create and share video mashups online – easier than ever before, without uploads, downloads or copyright issues.
  • Prizgo is a reward plugin that helps websites increase customer engagement, loyalty and advocacy.
  • Mobile gaming is growing at double digit speeds, but developers are still in the dark when it comes to knowing where and when their games are being played. Geosophic’s platform provides them the much needed mobile behavior metrics. With this increased understanding of their userbase they’re able to get better conversion rates and monetize better their in-game advertising.
  • GetBulb transforms complex data into clear pictures, without the limitations of pre-defined styles of a typical spreadsheet. 
  • Doctor Kinetic creates patient-driven interactive computer games designed by medical professionals.
  • Scrap Connection is the trusted scrapmetal marketplace and business community. 
  • plays snippets of your favorite online content as a live, interactive, entertaining and personalized audio experience. It’s like listening to your own web
  • Admittor university applications for the 21st century.

Regarding the investment potential I would highlight three companies:

Doctor Kinetic plans to revolutionize phisiotherapy by making it as an enjoyable game and experience, not just a ‘must have’ activity. They are working on the Dutch market penetration and looking for around 360k EUR investment

GetBulb help to make your data easily understandable by using infographics instead of boring sheets and charts

these guys know how to be entertaining,  just look this video:


They are looking for  around 600K EUR investment

Prizgo is a white label loyality framework for e-merchants. I was impressed by the user interface. You can sign up for a free beta on their website  The Prizgo team is looking for around 150 000 GBP investment as a next step.

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