After a century of car transportation today mobility is facing several challenges. Cities are running out of parking places, the air of cities are highly polluted, drivers are significant risk factors to each other on the road and vehicle ownership is getting more expensive. Reacting on the difficulties new business models and technologies are emerging.

Konetik is one of the enterprises which helps companies with fleets going through this transition. It has a car management solution for fleet owners, to reduce time spent on administration, increase vehicle efficiency and help make smarter, data driven decisions. Based on our data driven approach, fleet owners will be supplied with advices about optimized vehicle and fleet usage, resulting in a cost and eco-efficient usage.

The company has a truly European business and tech team. The team has offices in London (HQ), Budapest (Research and Development) and Berlin (Sales and Marketing). They were part of the European Pioneers accelerator program and now the member of the German Tech Entrepreneurship Center. Konetik is backed by angel investors with in-depth experience in the automotive industry. The company provides its monthly service chiefly in the DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) region and then to the rest of Europe.


The solution incorporates an intuitive and secure device that plugs into the diagnostic port of the vehicle to access data, such as fuel consumption, driving behavior and telematics. The data is sent to the cloud via a direct data connection. The fleet manager can access this data through an easy-to-use dashboard on the computer for further analysis.

“Cars generate a large amount of accessible data which we believe could benefit SMEs in streamlining their fleet management to make data-driven decisions, making the whole process simpler and less time consuming.” – said Balazs Szabo, CEO of Konetik.


Benefits of the system include the ability to track vehicle usage, which is especially important where vehicles are being used for both private and company purposes. The system can also take care of routine administration such as route optimization, job management and log book details. In addition, drivers can access their information via a smartphone app that can help them develop their driving skills and increase efficiency.

Solutions for the transportation mobility still remain challenge of the modern society, however the first step is already taken by starting measuring, understanding, and optimizing the tools and the resources.

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