Of course, not only your own, but anyone else’s. We met the Copypastry team – Kriszti, Fanni and János – who are working to make these colourful personalised cookie cutters.

What is the problem you are solving? What is the solution you provide? The market is flooded by boring personalized gifts, such as cups, T-shirts, pens, fridge magnets, etc. In this globalized word it it really difficult to offer unique and personalized products, both in the corporate and private sectors. Copypastry provides personalized cookie cutters based on photos in 4 categories: portrait, couple, pet and logo. After getting the pictures, our designer team works its magic turning the photos into 3D cookie cutter models. Copypastry custom-made cookie cutters are produced by state-of-the-art 3D printers, from food contact materials, in many-many colours.

How did you come up with the idea of Copypastry?
Kriszti Bozzai, a graduate design student wanted to bake doggy treats for Tipli, her dachshund’s birthday in 2014. She looked and looked for unique cookie cutters, but she didn’t find what she wanted. Then an idea hit her: what if I could make any kind of cookie cutter I wanted? Would people dig that? She bought her first 3D printer, quickly learned the trade, opened an Etsy account and two months later Copypastry was born.
What happened so far? What are the milestones that you have reached?
The original product was launched at the end of 2014. One year later the team has increased by 2 new members, the brand got a totally new design and our own webshop was launched (www.copypastry.net). Before the Christmas of 2015 we reached 1000 items sale. At this time many Hungarian and international webpages wrote about Copypastry (such as Huffington Post, Desigtaxi, etc.), so we’ve decided to buy 4 new Craftunique 3D printers, so at the moment we work with 6. At the March of 2016 Copypastry moved into an own office in the city center of Budapest, where we not only produce cookie cutters, but those ones who are interested about the process of 3D printing can check how it works.
Describe your team!
Since the beginning the Copypastry team has increased in size with communication manager extraordinaire Fanni Pataricza and project manager ‘total commander’ János Benjámin Vértes. Two dedicated soldiers who are not only professionals in their respective fields, but you can count on their expertise in wrapping up last minute Fedex shipments too.
Tell me a little about your professional career. How did you become an entrepreneur?
Kriszti, who came out with the idea was studying product design at MOME and was always interested about 3D printing. After coming up with the idea of producing unique cookie cutters she started to save money in order to buy her own printer. At the university Kriszti met Fanni, a former design management student, and they’ve decided to start working on Copypastry together. Some months after the idea of Copypastry has got into the ears of Fanni’s boyfriend, and since he already had some experience in brand management he joined the team and become responsible for growing business.
What gives you inspiration? 
First of all the hundreds of heart-warming reviews of the customers, secondly the developing ideas of friends or anyone who baked with a Copypastry cookie cutter.
0150728_GLB5170What are the long term plans? We would like to get as many orders on our own webpage as on Etsy, and another aim is to bring up the number of monthly orders to the level of Christmas sales. After this we’d like to build community, coming out with new recipes, but in the next period we would like to focus on our core product. Later on we might come out with our own instant cookie powder to make the process of baking faster and easier.

What was the biggest difficulty in your business that you had to cope with so far? What are the areas of your business that are the hardest to handle as a startup? The hardest thing is that our potential market is huge (basically western countries, those who like cooking and kitchen gadgets) and advertise for such a huge amount of people is basically impossible in our scale (it would be terrible expensive).

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