Day One Capital, the first institutional Business Angel Fund in Hungary just announced their first investment in Flan-Technologies Ltd. The size of investment is around 245 000 EUR according to the Insiderblog.

AdFlan is an innovative, real-time contextual and behavioral targeting tool for online banner campaigns utilizing state of the art proprietary technology developed by Flan-Technologies.AdFlan already served campaigns from advertisers such as Ford, Mazda, Citibank, Volvo, LG, IBM etc. throughout more than 50 websites and over 50 thousand blogs that joined the AdFlan network to date. The efficiency of AdFlan targeting is clearly demonstrated by the fact that viewers click more than five times often on AdFlan banners in average.

After the funding Flan-Tech is focusing on the international expansion of the company.

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Day One Capital

Day One Capital is the first institutional Business Angel Fund to operate in Hungary. Day One Capital has been established by individuals who have pooled funds to invest in talent, innovation and real value creation. As business angels and seed investors they very early stages of business development to foster their budding startups into internationally competitive businesses.

Flan-Technologies Kft.

Flan-Technologies (Flan-Tech) was founded in Budapest, Hungary in 2009 by experienced senior professionals with complimentary backgrounds.
Flan-Tech’s aim is to monetize users’ engagement with online content and provide high-scale ad serving with cost-efficient reach of target groups while reducing clutter. Flan Tech’s services are based on a technology that aggregates unstructured data generated in online content consumption, publishing and advertising.

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