The name of Talking Tom could sound familiar to many of us, but in case you don’t have a clue what Talking Tom is, let me help you a bit you a bit. Unlock your phone and search for the games folder, there is a chance you find a cat face smiling back to you. Well, that is Talking Tom (or one of its Friends).

Talking Tom is an application of the startup Outfit7, whose apps have been downloaded 5.6 billion times altogether. The number of active users on a monthly basis is 300 million, which means is in the same category with Twitter that has 313 million active users per month. Talking Tom and his Friends have not only had these apps but also appeared in TV series and on the brand’s own YouTube channel.

The company Outfit7 was founded by a Slovenian couple in 2009, who owned 60% of the shares. The founders’ mission was to bring fun and entertainment to all, that is how Outfit7 has grown from an instant app success into a fully-fledged media franchise.

The sale became the largest one ever in Slovenia; moreover in the Central Eastern European region there hasn’t been an exit as big as this since Skype.



New Talking Tom Cat app goes live: My Talking Tom



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