The Florin Award


were created in 2010 to stimulate innovation in the transaction services industry by providing the nominees and the winners with substantial benefits to assist the promotion of their innovative products. This year, there are three ‘Florins’ to be won in both jury votes and community votes (in total 6 awards will be announced) The Florins 2016 are brought to you by European Payment Summit and The Paypers.

Award Categories

Best Blockchain Breakthrough Application
This award credits the best solution developed using blockchain technology that could potentially be scaled and impact payments / the transaction space. We are looking for innovative solutions that harnesses the strengths of blockchain!.

Best Customer Centric Excellence
This award recognizes payment solutions that are not just commercially successful but also excels in being ‘customer centric’. It should be easily embraced by customers, and delivers solutions that is above par in terms of customer friendliness / ease of use and be part of the ‘logical logistics of the day-to-day routine of consumers..

Best Fraud Prevention Innovation
The digital age makes fraud prevention a critical task. This award goes to the best innovation that looks to shake up the industry in terms of fraud prevention. Innovations, nominated in this category, strive to minimize online privacy and security problems that could lead to fraud and, therefore, impact both the company and the customer. The essential need for information security that could qualify for consideration in this category could be in authentication and enhanced encryption solutions to secure web communication or malware-detection solutions.

Call for Candidates


The “Call for Candidates” for the Florins 2016 is now open and will close on 15 February 2016. We will only accept submissions of candidates if the product is actually available in the market (live, can be purchased) or being tested (pilot) at the time of application. The application fee is 285 Euro (Excl VAT).

To apply, download the application form and enter your innovative product or service today! After completing the form, please e-mail it to our Florin Awards team



Benefits for each of the Florin Nominees:

  • Exposure as Florin 2016 Nominee through EUROPEAN Payment Summit and The Paypers e-mailings, website and dedicated conference blog up to the EUROPEAN Payment Summit 2016
  • Product display as Florin 2016 Nominee at EUROPEAN Payment Summit 2016
  • Personalized marketing toolkit package
  • 1 Free pass to the EUROPEAN Payment Summit
  • Special discount on the full Summit fee for 2 delegates

Benefits for the Florin Winners:

  • A Florin 2016 Award trophy
  • Exposure as Florin 2016 Winner through EUROPEAN Payment Summit and The Paypers e-mailings following the EUROPEAN Payment Summit 2016 (for one month)
  • 1 FREE Subscription to The Paypers premium publications
  • 1 FREE interview
  • 1 free EUROPEAN Payment Summit 2017 delegate pass

Awards Ceremony

The Florins are awarded to the winners in the Florin Award ceremony at the EUROPEAN Payment Summit. Jury members present will announce the winners. Each winner is allowed a short ‘thank you’ speech.

The Florin Awards Process

The Florin Awards process has been designed to capture the most recent innovations in the transaction services industry and to select the nominees and winners that have broad industry appeal. To this end, both industry experts and the community are involved in the process to determine the winners. The way the winner is determined differs for each of the Florin Awards.

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