Budapest has become famous of its active startup society all over Europe. There are more and more startup events, therefore more and more young entrepreneurs in Budapest, we can visit events almost every week even in the summer. We see them, we hear them, we admire them because of their innovativeness and unique lifestyle, but we do not know exactly that what kind of enviroment do startuppers need to be in to live such a life. Most of the hungarian startuppers work in CoWorking offices. Coworking is an alternative way of working in which independent professionals and others with workplace flexibility share one working environment, rather than work remotely in separate offices. Coworkers don’t need to work for the same employer or even know each other to work together in a coworking environment. A coworking space is often a cafe-like collaboration space, gallery, or productivity-enhancing multi-functional space, but it could be an office-like setting or even someone’s home or loft. The coworking space industry has seen growth in recent years and that swell is only going to continue.

Than let’s take a look at the CoWorking places in Budapest is one of the most popular coworking places in Budapest. It’s based in the always busy city center, on Paulay Ede street. Life never stops here, as the office is open all day, even at night. So if you prefer working at night-time there is no better place for you. Also often gives place to startup meetups and workshops.


‘Startup Special’ Monthly Acces Monthly Acces Nomad Pass (14 days/month) Short Nomad (8 days/month) Tranzit (daily pass)
Fixed Seat Fixed Seat Hot Seat Hot Seat Hot Seat
24 000 Ft/person 39 000 Ft/person 26 000 Ft/person 17 000 Ft/person 3000 Ft/person


Kaptár is a very well designed and cosy place with warm colores, based in the city center. Also elemental part of the startup sytem, there are drinkups and partys at night, and workshops in the day. Even so it is a calm, quiet and comfortable office, reminds me of a cosy living room.


Day Month Year
3500 Ft+VAT/person 38 500 Ft+VAT/person 38 500 Ft+VAT/month/person


LOFFICE is not only a coworking place, it also rents offices and event spaces in samller and bigger floorplace in several locations in Budapest. The LOFFICE supports modern art with BAH mentor program, that manifests in its design.


Day 5 Days 10 Days 15 Days Month
4000 Ft/person 18 400 Ft/person 32 000 Ft/person 40 000 Ft/person 44 000 Ft/person


The biggest coworking space in Budapest with more than 100 workers based in I. district, where you can rent your own room or desk (most of the 100 workers are not coworkers). Also has another smaller place in Pest with 8 offices and a meeting room, but no coworking desks there. Colabs is concerned with investment programs and startup competitions too.


19 685 Ft+VAT/desk

Startup Office

Based in XI. district, near to Kelenföld train startion. They provide consulting opportunity to early stage startups to help their improvement, but aren’t concerned with investment in traditional meaning. They help their cowokers activity with several additional services, such as free parking, trainings, bank account opening, website upkeep.


Day Week 3 Days/Week/Month Month
3500 Ft/person 15 900 Ft/person 24 900 Ft/person 29 900 ft/person


 Two years after the opening of the first Clusterhaus in Cologne, the fourth Clusterhaus has opened its doors on 1,500m2 in Budapest. Just like in the Cologne, Vienna and Bratislava Clusterhaus tech hubs, startups in Budapest now have access to 2 floors of do­it­yourself office spaces at affordable prices and flexible rental leases where they can pursue their entrepreneurial activities.

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The H13 materialized as the part of the Capital of Europe Programme with the renewal of the scheduled monument located at 13th Horánszky Street. The Center is an independent organizational unit of the JózsefvárosiKözösségiHázak prominently public benefit organization. Essentially, H13 aims to function as an incubational and recreational space for young entrepreneurs. They can support students with individually suited services for university students to incubate and nurture their intellectual capital and enterprises.

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