In the last couple of days I was continously looking for information on what makes an incubator and a venture capital company globally known and favourable for all the entrepreneurs starting their businesses. The number of applicants for an incubator and seed accelerato program is crucial and investors have limited time and efforts to get visible. For the VCs there is also a certain competition for the prospective Next Big Things.

As an initial step we can easily conclude that in the seed and venture capital investment sectors track record  is the best marketing and PR tool for finding potential investments. What are the most important factors? How to rank the VCs and seed accelerators and who are the rockstars of the startup ecosystem from the investment point of view? The question is quite difficult. Let’s have a look at on the measures and the results.

Here is a brief press overview on that:

The best incubators/seed accelerators

The ranking of best incubators/seed accelerators are based on a number of factors, focusing on the value of the incubators’ companies. The measures include the exit prices or the last priced equity valuation of the companies that have gone through each program. Other measures include:  how much venture funding their companies have raised, what percentage of their companies have raised funding and what percentage of their companies have been acquired or gone out of business.

You can see the whole list here

Top 10 VC firms

The funds were ranked by on a basis of network centrality or essence in probability and not actual returns because that could be heavily skewed by a small number of investments. Based on that methodology the 10 VC firms according to Techcrunch are:

  1. Andreessen Horowitz
  2. Sequoia Capital
  3. Accel
  4. Benchmark Capital
  5. Union Square Ventures
  6. General Catalyst Partners
  7. NEA
  8. Kleiner Perkins
  9. Khosla Ventures
  10. Greylock

Learn more about the ranking of VC firms on Techcrunch

The top tech investors

The annual FORBES of top entrepreneurial funders is based on hard data of IPOs and M&A venture capital deals since 2007. The ranking is dynamic, changing noticeably from year to year–so much so, in fact, that there are 38 names on the list who were not there last year. The best  tech investor is Jim Breyer (Accel Partners) investor of Facebook,  the runner up is Marc Andreesen (Andreesen and Horowitz) investor of Skype and the 3rd is Reid Hoffmann (Greylock Partners) investor of LinkedIn. Top tech investors in 2012 according to the Forbes Magazine 


What do you think about the measures? How to evaluate the investors within the short timeframe?

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