Startup Weekend Zagreb

How do you evaluate the entrepreneurial climate in Croatia? What are the main opportunities and obstacles?

The entrepreneurial climate in Croatia is starting to pick up and move forward as many individual projects begin to pop up, Startup Weekend
Zagreb being just one. The regulatory environment is also starting to change a bit because the key government actors and institutions put
forward initiatives that would ease the life for current and future entrepreneurs and make way for more entrepreneur success stories. At
the same time these same institutions are the main obstacle given their old mentality and wide spread corruption across the board.
Due to these, many individual successful project take advantage of the free market mechanism and find their way to different markets and
regulatory environments where they can more easily find a way to profitability and sustainable growth.

How is the entrepreneurial attitude in Croatia?

Entrepreneurial attitude in Croatia in general is at an all time low given the fact that our educational system and the general climate
really prevent individuals from lifting themselves above the average and realizing that only their own hard work and effort will enable
them to live a life free from the mercy of the governmental actors. There are however, a small amount of people mostly those who have
lived or spent some time abroad and seen some other things who have really managed to make things happen for them and who have identified
the opportunities and went about turning them into real, viable, profitable projects.

What are the Croatian startup success stories?

Farmeron, Salespod, Entrio

Personally how did you get infected with the entrepreneurial virus?

I have made a commitment to myself that I will make my own way to success. I have a vision of what I want to accomplish and I go about
getting to the top one step at a time each day. If you define that as being an entrepreneur then that is how I got infected. i personally
consider myself just the master of my own life and fate.

Could you please describe how the organizer team decide to launch Startup Weekend in Zagreb? Who are the team members?

Along with my colleagues Marin Njavro and Jaksa Bilic, we decided it would be great to bring Startup Weekend to Croatia since we have all
studied abroad and been at these events during our undergrad days.

How would you evaluate the Startup Weekend Zagreb?

Startup Weekend was a huge success for us given that we originally felt like having 50-75 participants would great. In the end, our team
really got together and made an outstanding marketing effort on the ground as well as through our media partners and we attracted a large
crowd of participants and visitors who were really thrilled to be a part of a something new in Croatia.

Could you please highlight some of the best ideas?

BIC-SIC was a project aimed at developing a rent-a-bike system in Zagreb, Squee was a mobile app aiming at creating a venue for gadget
lovers where they can share, trade, buy and sell all kinds of gadgets,Fish Box was a project of a local team aimed a creating a new
packaging for home delivery of fresh Adriatic Fish and Shells, Animingles is a project that is aimed at the young population where
they want to create and commercialize a new animal which would be a combination of two existing animals e.g. horse+fly=horsefly, etc

How could our countries in the CEE region work together in order to be more innovative and globally recognized?

Personally, I do not think our countries could work on governmental level but
getting out of individuals/peoples way. I am against of any type of government interference. As far as what should our individual citizens
do, I would say create a venue/mode for collaboration, experience-sharing, discussion and help people understand that a team effort can only help
create more win-win situations and that no one is trying to screw the other party up, steal an idea and other common excuses for lack of success.


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