For the third time the Finland based international accelerator, Startup Sauna came to Budapest looking for the best new startups in the country. 12 selected startups were pitching in front of coaches from Hungary and Finland, 7 of them received one-on-one coaching in the afternoon. The event was co-organized by InVendor, the local partner of Startup Sauna and took place at the Finnish Embassy in Budapest with the help of Finpro Hungary.

Startup Sauna Budapest teams and coaches

According the the Startup Sauna crew the quality of startups was great; the pitches were more prepared than last time they visited us. Also it is interesting that more hardware startups were presenting, following the international trend. Amongst the three winners there are two hardware startups. The winners are: Rate My Speech, MOSAICLights and Brewie. We asked them to answer some questions; in the next couple of days we are going to publish their stories. Let’s start with Attila Szigeti from the online peer review for speeches, Rate My Speech:

Give us an elevator pitch (from ground floor up to the third).
We are building an online peer review for your speeches. We want to have a community, where people can share their practice speeches, give constructive feedback to each other, and learn from it.
Our first target segment is startup pitches. We all now, the fate of our startups depend on a well-delivered 1-3 minute pitch. Unfortunately many startuppers don’t have access to expert trainers or investors, who could help them to develop their investor pitch.
To solve this, we are building an expert review system. Startuppers will be able to submit their pitches and decks for a low fee, through an online system. Expert reviewers will provide constructive, customized, actionable advice to improve the pitch.
With this, we want to help startuppers succeed in their endeavour.

When did your company story start? Where are you now?
We started on March 1st, 2014, on a Hackathon. I pitched the first version of this idea, because I wanted to help fellow startuppers to tell their stories, their ideas better.
After dozens of interviews, mentoring sessions, we decided to narrow down our initial scope. From a wide peer review system to a very narrow focus. We can call this our first pivot. Now we are validating our hypothesis, doing interviews with startuppers, professional coaches. And we are preparing for the 5 week Startup Sauna program.

Who make you rocket?
I’m inspired and energized by a variety of people. I admire Malala for her willpower, Stephen Colbert for his sophisticated humour, Chris Anderson for transforming TED into what it is today… There are 3-4 Budapest based startups that give me high hopes. And I’m constantly cheered up by my Team members enthusiasm.

How did you become a startupper?
In 2013, after a failed career change attempt I got unemployed. Fortunately! I took time to visit my first pitch contest (Pitch Slam #1), then my first Hackathon, where I was in the winning Team (Pesoo). I fell in love with the community, and decided, that I will also become a startupper.

What are your next goals?
Complete the Startup Sauna program. Validate our current Hypothesis. Incorporate. Get investment. Build our product. Grow. Go to the Valley and fail or succeed. Repeat.

What gives you inspiration?
To build something that creates value for me, and for my community.

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