A new success story is on its way from Hungary to the global real estate market. A new startup led by the Hungarian  real estate industry expert Balazs Farago just received an investment worth $1.2 million from DoubleRock Venture Capital.

Real5D brings blueprints to life by building 3D, walkable virtual models of real estate properties. Real5D makes virtual buildings social by enabling the broker to meet his/her clients inside these properties. The San Francisco-based startup Real5D has taken 3D visualization to an interesting level of interactivity by applying it to the needs of the commercial real estate industry.

Founded by the Hungarian Balazs Farago, Real5D received funds in its bank account within days after winning the competition at the Funders and Founders event Life 3.0 – Augmented Reality and New Media, and meeting its new investor Suraj Kumar Rajwani, the co-founder and general partner of DoubleRock Venture Capital, shortly afterwards. (Techcrunch)

Seeing, walking, and interacting with a 3D property before it is built helps investors see value, brokers sell leases, and developers fix problems. real5D is an experience like no other. We invite you to try it yourself, and see why this immersive technology is the most powerful real estate sales tool on the market: http://real5d.com


The transaction went really smooth in less than 10 days which, according to the Founder Balazs Farago who has hold different C level positions at the real estate industry earlier is rather exceptional even in the  Silicon Valley. The swiftness of the process might goes hand-in-hand with the property development problems Real5D appears to have solved. Real5D has around 20 employees and they are working on the business development in several countries including the US,  Canada, UK, India, Israel and Hungary.



Learn more about Real5D at the Real5D.com and  TechCrunch

Source: Techcrunch, Crunchbase, Real5d.com, Interviews with Daniel Farago and Blaine Light

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