The Mobile Ecosystem is slowly moving to the cloud (from cross-platform development frameworks to backend services and management tools) but the landscape is still fragmented and is lacking one holistic solution. A solution is provided by a Romanian team called Appscend.

APPSCEND, a rapidly growing Eastern-European tech company, becomes the world’s first performance oriented mobile application solution by offering its customers the fastest cross platform development technology available on the market today together with a complete mix of backend services that ensure application and user management, a powerful push system as well as a complete set of app analytics.

By using APPSCEND, customers can now capitalize on the platform’s ability to rapidly develop, update and manage customized mobile applications both on iOS and Android. The platform’s versatility easily covers the needs of all major industries, portraying APPSCEND’s holistic approach on mobile app development and management. Considering that the short lifespan of mobile applications requires extremely compressed timeframes, APPSCEND’s features improve the entire process up to 80%.

“For many companies from different business areas, developing a mobile application is just as tedious as creating a website was a decade ago – being expensive and time-consuming. Nonetheless, when smartphone penetration has surpassed 50% in US and Western Europe, ignoring mobility is no longer a possibility. With the innovative markup language, Ignite Markup, and a code free visual studio, APPSCEND is the only cross platform tool with no learning curve whatsoever; also providing a complete cloud base mobile infrastructure that will simplify the app management process and increase return on investment”, mentioned Sebastian Vãduva, C.E.O of APPSCEND.

APPSCEND offers a complete set of tools such as a cloud based CMS, in-app social monitoring tools and an ad-server for enhanced monetization options. Integration with 3rd party services is also a seamless experience through the use of built in APIs that can be used to sync push and pull data from virtually any other web service.

“With a mobile application market estimated to reach 100 BN USD by 2015, every brand and small business worldwide requires a high quality, low cost and easy to manage mobile presence. With APPSCEND’s innovative technology, creating unique and relevant mobile apps that go beyond the common boundaries of development leads up to just a fraction of the cost and time. The platform’s versatility easily covers the needs of all major industries, making media aggregation seem effortless” believes Gabi Dobocan, Co-Founder APPSCEND.

A showcase of the platform’s power and functionality is available at: where interested clients can sign up for a personalized demonstrative tour of the platform and experience the creation of their own mobile application live on their device in just a matter of minutes.

In short, Appscend is:

  • a Bucharest based company, started in 2011 now numbering 10 mobile-driven pros
  • has an annual revenue of 220.000 USD
  • Appscend’s clients come from Central and Western Europe and US with 250 published apps in Apple Store and Google Play
  • it is innovative through a Ignite Markup language, technology with no learning curve whatsoever, cutting the cost of development and management to half
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