The world race of innovative technology continues – how to stay in its forefront, how to build the economy 4.0, why implementing 5G is fundamental for the development of the country, will digital citizenship become a reality and why the CyberSecurity is so important? More than 5,000 people, including 200 world-class experts, will meet at Impact’17 in Krakow, Poland, to seek answers to the above questions. The list of the event’s guests, among others, include: Bertrand Piccard of Solar Impulse, an entrepreneur and inventor, Timotheus Höttges – CEO of TMobile / Deutsche Telekom, Esther Wojcicki of Planet3 and Mike Butcher of TechCrunch.

Between May 31st and June 1st Krakow, Poland, will become the European capital of innovation, where hundreds of companies and organizations, including: World Economic Forum, Ministry of Science and Higher Education, MasterCard, RoboSavvy, TMobile, Ministries of Digitalization, University of Chicago, Samsung, SAP, 500 Startups, AstraZeneca, Microsoft, Siemens AG, Monetary Authority of Singapore, Uber, TechCrunch, PayU, Harvard Medical School or the Ministry of Development will meet. Over the course of two days, visionaries and creators of the most advanced technologies, CEOs of global corporations operating in the field of new-tech, startups creators, scientists and governmental administrators will debate the opportunities and threats of the economy 4.0. Discussions will be held in 12 thematic tracks such as industry 4.0, mobility, fintech & e-commerce, biotechnology & digital health, energy & resources, foodtech & agritech, creative industries, digital state, techcity, investments and entrepreneurship.
A driving force of Impact’17 is creation of 9 different networking opportunities offering new ways for attendees to meet, learn about exciting new innovations, exchange experiences, make new business contacts, and expand their future collaboration network. The event’s participants will be able to take part in presentations of best startups from Central and Eastern Europe, individual meetings with mentors and investors, roundtables, closed meetings with people who have a key impact on creating standards and business practices in new digital realities. Only for startups there were provided more than 1000 meetings with corporations.

5G technology will be one of the key subjects on impact’17. Timotheus Höttges, CEO of TMobile / Deutsche Telekom (leader of 5G technology in Germany), will talk about why 5G is a breakthrough, a revolution and an unavoidable future, and why countries first implementing this technology will experience faster growth and economic leap. 5G it is a turbo-acceleration of all processes using wireless internet – min. 30x acceleration compared to the currently used 4G technology. What does it mean in practice?
For an individual user, e.g. download of a video file will take a few seconds, instead of 6 minutes, and in industry it will streamline the production and management processes. The successor of current 4G technology is also the Internet of Things and People. Items will communicate with each other, without human intervention – for example, in production lines, transportation, logistics, banking, in every area of economy, and in everyday life.
As a special guest in energy & resources path there will be Bertrand Piccard – futurologist, visionary, author of the solar powered airplane Solar Impulse. Piccard is also a traveler, who was the first to complete a non-stop balloon fly around the globe. His passions gave rise to create a project of an ultramodern plane.

New technologies involve also a continuous progress in the development of medicine, which consequently results in prolonging the average life expectancy, increasing the level of treatment and life comfort. The innovation in medicine and biotechnology sets also new challenges that will accompany the technology development, and related e.g. with ethics. And that is why Maria Siemionow, a world class surgeon and transplantologist of the University of Illinois at Chicago and a precursor of facial transplant surgery in the US, was invited to the discussion on the biotechnology & digital health issues.
Our topics and speakers are carefully curated from extensive research and feedback providing attendees a comprehensive list of technology & business-critical trends and valuable contacts in the industry. Impact’17 will be held with the support and participation of key people from the world of new technologies, responsible for the development of the economy and increasing its innovativeness, among others there will be:

  • Timotheus Höttges – Member of the Board TMobile, Deutsche Telekom, the largest German telecommunications company and also the largest telecommunications operator in the European Union;
  • John Paul Farmer – Director of Technology and Civic Innovation at Microsoft; executive and public servant, advised heads of state worldwide and served in the White House of President Barack Obama, where he co-founded and led the Presidential Innovation Fellows program that sparked a movement of engaged entrepreneurs and technologists dedicating their 21st century skills for public good;
  • Bertrand Piccard – futurologist, visionary, author of the solar powered airplane Solar Impulse. His passions gave rise to create a project of an ultramodern plane;
  • Limor Schweitzer – Founder and CEO at RoboSavvy and Ground Drone Ltd., technologist entrepreneur with a passion to create startups. RoboSavvy develops advanced mobile robots, 3D printers, whereas Ground Drone Ltd. is a seed funded robotics startup;
  • Esther Wojcicki, CLO at Planet3, cooperates with Google and Google Edu, was cofounder of Google Teacher Academy. American journalist, educator, and vice chair of the Creative Commons Board of directors;
  • Jarosław Gowin – Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Science and Higher Education in Poland;
  • Alexander Graubner-Mueller – CLO Kreditech Group, a lending company, that has developed a unique world-wide technology to evaluate customers without a long history of credit;
  • Kathleen Kennedy – Director of special projects MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), CEO of MIT Technology Review (and MIT Enterprise Forum), the world’s oldest, prestigious technology magazine;
  • Helena Leurent – Board Member of the World Economic Forum, an independent international organization that engages the business community, politicians, academics and other leaders in shaping regional and sectoral programs supporting the world economy;
  • Mateusz Morawiecki – Minister of Development and Finance and Chairman of the Economic Committee of the Council of Ministers, Vice-President of the Council of Ministers in Poland;
  • Anna Streżyńska – Minister of Digitalization, former President of the Electronic Communications.Office in Poland.

The aim of the Impact’17 is to create an interactive platform combining technological visions and actions of people of many backgrounds to make the digital economy a reality. The impact’17 participants will strive to create a sustainable integrated community around economy 4.0 and digitization, that will influence government standards and advise on innovative solutions.

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