22 students from more than 12 Budapest schools applied and got selected for BCCH-uSchool Entrepreurship Club in 2017 with mentors from more than 20 companies

We are conducting unique entrepreneurship education model. On one hand the curricula is an interactive adaptation of global startup accelerator best practices, such as design thinking, lean development, rapid prototyping, market validation, business model canvas, pitch practice combined with self-development and soft skills exercises.  On the other hand each session is delivered by mentors from corporate and startup world working together, to give students the broadest perspective/experience possible.

Originally, uSchool curricula has been developed in one of the world’s leading impact accelerators – the Unreasonable Institute*, US. It runs in Slovenia for 7 years, in 84 schools with over 3500 students who graduated. There are more than 41 enterprise found by uSchool students. In Hungary the program launched in 2015/2016 school year, with 5 schools and more than 50 applicants and extend to 12 schools this year. The agreement to bring uSchool to Hungary was born at Brain Bar Budapest in 2015 and since then uSchool final competition is part of the event program. Brain Bar Budapest, the biggest European festival on the future hosts some of the world’s most exciting minds from various fields including tech, business, culture and politics to debate their visions on the upcoming global trends

Antonia Imre, uSchool Hungary and Invendor Advisory Services CEO explains what motived her to bring the program to Hungary: I started my first job when I was 15. I was always top performer, gaining number of scholarships across Europe. Already before graduation I was working for number one strategic advisory company in the world. Joining multinational seemed the only desirable carrier I can think of. I have spent 14 years in the corporate world trying to find what I really love to do. Finally, I have found my passion in growing companies from idea to the point when they start scaling up and I became serial entrepreneur/investor.  These is the knowledge I want to share and I hope that my uSchool students will be able to find their passion and the way to make living out of what they love much faster than I did, through this program.

Antonia Imre, uSchool Hungary and Invendor Advisory Services CEO

‘In the past years, the environment of the global economy, as well as of the labor market, has completely transformed, and for a successful career and life one needs a new point of view and a new set of skills in Hungary, too,’ said Kinga Kalocsai, Communications Director EMEA at GE, Board member of British Chamber of Commerce in Hungary (strategic partner of uSchool, hosting the educational program in 2017).  ‘The program helps acquire a way of thinking that the current education system is not able to provide for its students, but which is significant for the next generation,’ she added.

2nd club in 2017 – at BCCH

KPMG joined BCCH- uSchool program in 2017 as a main sponsor, because we believe the economic development and competitiveness is basically defined by how effectively the secondary school students can acquire business concepts and mindset. Entrepreneurs of the future are willing to make their dreams come true and mentors from KPMG will contribute to it. Both parties gain new experiences, positive energy and inspiration from this cooperation.’ – said Istvan Szabo, CSR Manager at KPMG.

Inspirational talk about AI – Arpad Takacs, AIMotive

USchool is very proud that the Hungarian Venture Capital Association also embraces the initiative providing both experienced investors to help the high school students and further opportunities for them to develop their projects. Mentors and sponsors of uSchool come from BCCH, KPMG, Bird&Bird, PwC, including startups and communities like AIMotive, LabCoop, MrCoin, WomenStatup Competition, Drukka Startup Studio and Élmény Otthon.


Huge thanks for the pictures to Sara Volom.


*About Unreasonable Institue:

What do they do? – They unite entrepreneurs with the potential to address major problems at scale. Problems like poverty, lack of education, and access to clean water. They then swarm them with hand-picked mentors, funders, and a global network to help grow their impact. They goal is for each venture to impact 1,000,000 people.

Their programs run in 26 locations, their ventures created impact in 87 countries so far. Besides many success stories they have, they are proud to share some lessons they learned as well during their journeys on their website – We must fail together in order to succeed together.


About BCCH

The British Chamber of Commerce in Hungary (BCCH) is an independent non-profit organisation, which has been serving its members since its foundation in 1991 by British investors. Its mission is to represent British, Hungarian and international companies with the overarching principles of British business values and promote trade and investment flows between the UK and Hungary.

About the British Business Centre

The British Business Centre in Hungary is an innovative enterprise that connects business opportunity to businessmen and women. This government initiative is designed to create entrepreneurial opportunities for UK-based small and medium- sized operations that aspire to benefit from the virtually untapped Hungarian market, a market that is already proving highly receptive to the best that British business has to offer.


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