I have been attended many many conferences, pitching events and I have seen tons of pitches, good ones sometimes, bad ones more often. Pitching effectively is not easy, but if you would like to step out of the crowd you have to pay attention on two things. One is STRUCTURE, the second is PRACTICE.

Let’s have an initial thought on structure/content derived from Forbes:

Without a clear idea of what a startup does, investors will not invest, reporters will not report, and consumers will not consume.

In order to identify the right structure don’t be afraid to use Google and learn from the successful best practices uploaded by the successful startup guys on video sharing platforms.

Remember: Structure is the key, but it can be learnt. Instead of giving general hints and advices on how to make it, let’s have a look at on the following sample.

Source: www.venturarchetypes.com

Source: www.venturarchetypes.com

After having an empty sample where you can simply fill in the blanks with elements that are relevant for your business you can also check Forbes.com hints on how to make an impressive pitch for investors.



I hope it is useful. Now You have the right structure (or at least the right inputs to build up comprehensive structure) it’s your turn with practicing. Stand in front of the mirror and start practicing! Good luck!

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