Dasa is leading business development and strategic corporate partnerships at Diagnose.me. Prior to joining Diagnose.me, she managed brand communication projects for Electrolux HQ in the European region and IT/Broadcast system integration projects for Sony Professional Solutions throughout Middle Eastern and African countries.

Please introduce Diagnose.me!

Diagnose.me is an online medical platform, where clients can consult their diagnosis or treatment with the world’s top medical specialists. We offer access to the platform both on a B2C and a B2B basis, through insurance companies, banks, assistance service providers and others. Diagnose.me is a privately owned Dutch company with minority interests from NL, SK and US VC funds.

How did you come up with the idea? What was the problem that you identified?

Behind Diagnose.me idea stands the personal story of our co-founder, who was faced with a difficult diagnosis and was not able to get in touch with the right doctors. This experience led him to found Diagnose.me.

What happened so far? What are the milestones that you have reached?

We have built a network of the top medical experts from 25 countries, who are well respected in their medical field. Our multidisciplinary consultation approach gives our clients a comprehensive view on their medical situation. In 2013, we initially launched the B2C service model, where we reached patients from 55 countries on 5 continents. About two years ago, we introduced the B2B service model as well and are happy about its success. Together with our corporate partners (insurers, banks, etc) we have already launched various products in 6 markets.

What are your next goals? Long term plans?  

In terms of the product, we want to focus on further extension of our medical network and specialties and of course, the platform and service upgrades. We have recently introduced new features like video consultations and interactive multidisciplinary team consultations. In terms of business plans, our main focus is on B2B cooperation. Our goal is to become the leader in the telemedicine industry in the CEE region. The long-term plan is to spread the B2B service model globally.

What fuels your drive?

An idea or business model, which has not only a global business potential, but for the most part, helps people in need. The positive feedbacks from our clients, doctors and business partners are a great source of energy and give us motivation to push further.

What do you consider your biggest accomplishment so far and what is an example of a great challenge you have successfully overcome? What is the biggest challenge you’re facing at the moment?

The most challenging was a stabilisation of the B2C model, particularly, targeting B2C clients and reaching people who are in need. At the moment, we are facing few challenges on the B2B side. These are mainly related to regulations and speed of innovations in the insurance industry.

How do you see the startup scene in your region? 

Slovakia is a small market, however it has a lot of talented, skilled people and a vibrant startup scene with companies that succeeded globally. An advantage of the Slovak market size should be a motivation for startups to think globally from the beginning. Disadvantages may be capital limitations and distance from technology/innovation hubs.


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