Budapest, Hungary – InVendor, eBIT, Mobility and Multimedia Cluster and the FinTech Meetup Budapest have launched, a platform that brings the financial industry, the fintech startups and investors together. The official launch happened at the Fintech Meetup at the office of

CEE-Fintech matches fintech startups with financial institutions, technological integrators and investors interested in the field. The matchmaking is provided by professional partners and members.

„We believe that innovation in the financial sector is similar to innovation in digital health. As digital health shifts powers from doctors to patients, innovation in finance empowers the individuals to take decisions and be proactive in one of the most important spheres in their life – their finances.
Connecting financial institutions to innovative startups in the region will accelerate financial innovation.” – says Antonia Imre, CEO of InVendor

The goal with is to build a community to foster synergy between all stakeholders. CEE FinTech members are startups, banks, investors, insurance companies, universities, payment service providers and other players in fintech.

“We think that building communities are the best way to solve problems. That’s why we launched Budapest FinTech meetup and that’s why we are proud to be a part of the CEE-FinTech initiative where we are going to build a rocksolid community that is going to launch great things.” – says János Pereczes, Fintech Meetup Budapest

5 CEE coutries are already represented. Among the first members there are Venture Capital firms; Credo Ventures, LaunchHub, Day One Capital, innovative companies; B-Payment, Wyze, Shinrai, Fizetes, MojBudget and an accelerator; ABC Accelerator


About the founders

InVendor – Invendor has multiple fintech investments in 4 CEE countries and expanding further in 2016. We have an excellent network in the region and beyond. We have received  quite a lot of requests from startups for strategy making, M&A and business development. We believe that developing the ecosystem will be of benefit to all players, so we are open for collaboration with community builders, media and supporters.

eBIT – eBIT e-Business Management Consultants Ltd. (eBIT) is an independent e-business management advisory firm providing strategic advisory services for the payments industry, working for card schemes, international and local policy makers. eBIT is member of EPCA, the European Payments Consulting Association.

MM Cluster – Mobility and Multimedia Cluster is bringing together the most dynamic actors in the field of mobile technology and new media in Central Hungary.

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