Doing for Care Not Money

The Key to a Healthy Body

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“Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come” (Victor Hugo).

The European Investment Bank Institute decided to join  the startup movement and launched the Social Innovation Tournament in 2012. Since the first winner came from Budapest – Tamas Haidegger, an alumnus of EEF’s accelerator program, EIB brought the Tournament to Hungary.  Thanks to this incident, EEF got involved in organizing this year’s event. The Final Event took place at the prestigious Budapest University of Technology and Economics, organized by Demola-Budapest and EEF. (Note from the editor: Bertalan Mesko, MD was the runner up with last year also from Budapest)

Overall, almost 250 applicants competed from 24 different EU countries. A Panel of Judges from the academic and business community had a demanding task of selecting the winners from a field of 16 teams who made it to the Finals. At the end, the Social Innovation Tournament winners are the following projects:

  • 1st prize of €25,000 went to Kristina Saudargaite, founder of inBelly from Sweden .

inBelly makes scientific and legal information about ingredients in food easily available to everyone, allowing people to influence producers.

  • 2nd Prize of €10,000 was won by Johan Wendt, founder of Mattcentrum from Sweden.

Mattecentrum provides tutoring in mathematics to students all over Sweden, Denmark and other places free of charge. They make mathematics fun to learn.

  • Winner of the Special Category Prize on Environment of €25,000 was the Recicleta team from Bucharest.

Recicleta collects waste paper for recycling, using cargo-bicycles and employing socially disadvantaged people.

The participants and the organizers of the EIB Social Innovation Tournament
Source: Demola Budapest Facebook Page


We have asked EEF founder Peter Záboji, why he was so keen to bring the tournament to Budapest

EEF alumnus Tamas Haidegger stood out with his presentation in 2012, winning the tournament. Following his recommendation,  EIB Institute looked into ways how to improve the quality of the completion. EEF and Demola teamed up, making an offer. We have the aspiration to become the startup hub for the entire CEE region and are willing to work very hard for it. Eventually, we were retained to participate in the selection of the finalists and provide a Bootcamp program for the teams selected and also to organize the Final Event”

The Bootcamp has helped the finalist teams to reshape their projects, improve their pitches dramatically. The Bootcamp was a two-day event in Budapest during this summer, providing a very intense workshop type program including a master class, pitching rounds, work group sessions, individual team reviews and a lot of constructive feedback provided by seasoned entrepreneurs. The teams liked the program and seeing the presentations in the Final, the results speak for themselves. After the Bootcamp and the Final event we have the feeling that we were not in a competition but in a common place learning and sharing experiences”  added Laszlo Bacsa, co-organizer from Demola-Budapest.

The Tournament’s Final Event was opened by distinguished personalities, notably by László Vajta, Vice Rector of Innovation, Dean, Budapest University of Technology and Economics and László Baranyay, Vice-President of the European Investment Bank.

The Tournament is a platform to present social program practice and experiences. Most of them operateregionally, but they provide role models which can be adopted or transfered to other locations helping social entrepreneurs. The SIT also providesroom to form partnerships.”– says Laszlo Bacsa, Founder of Demola Budapest.

What does it mean to be the winner?

We have asked Tamas Haidegger, CEO of Hand-in-scan the winner of the competition last year:
“The Hand-in-Scan objective hand hygiene assessment device received a 1st prize at the 2012 EIB Institution’s Social Innovation Tournament. With the professional and financial support of the award, the team has successfully negotiated a venture capital investment, to develop the market-ready version of the prior prototype. In the meanwhile, the EIB SIC fund enabled the team to continue its prototype development, leading to better technical solutions, while becoming an integrated part of the Semmelweis University’s MD program in Budapest.” 

The Social Innovation Tournament, established in 2012, is the EIB Institute flagship initiative. The Tournament supports the fight against social exclusion, covering projects in a wide range of fields, from education and healthcare to the natural and urban environment, through new technologies, new systems and new processes.