Interview with Brickflow’s CEO Peter Langmar

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We have asked the CEO of Peter Langmar. Peter is a great entrepreneur and a good friend of us therefore we are sharing his experience during the entrepreneurial journey.

Peter Langmar -CEO of Brickflow

What are the most inspiring things about being an entrepreneur?

Experience, responsibility and flexibility are the key factors for me. I have gained more experience in the last 12 months than during my whole professional career. This is partly thanks to increased responsibility, which of course also means lots of pressure. Building your own company means being flexible and living with continuous uncertainty. These are priceless skills to learn. Building something from scratch is a truly rewarding feeling.

What things were you worrying about the most along your way?

Understanding the users and getting traction was of utmost importance. Also, paying our employees, maybe even ourselves, is pretty important. And transforming a bunch of ideas and geeks into a company has been a huge but gratifying challenge.


How did you come up with the idea of Brickflow?

My partner, Mihaly Borbely aimed to collaborate on a short movie project with Erno Zoltan Rubik, but they lacked the right online tool. They faced a problem which turned into a long period of open brainstorming. Once we had the solid idea and the team of three, completed with Tamas Kokeny, we were able to really kick-off.

What happened so far? What kind of milestones have you reached?

During the summer of 2012 we managed a successful crowdfunding campaign and developed an early prototype. After pitching all around Europe we were accepted to the Tallinn based Startup Wise Guys accelerator, which was an awesome opportunity to learn from the wide variety of mentors. During the three-month course we delivered a testable beta. Right after the accelerator we moved to Santiago to continue the work as part of the Startup Chile family.


Are you following the same direction like at the beginning or have you iterated?

We’ve definitely iterated. We have learned a lot about our users and our industry is changing rapidly, so there were several smaller pivots during our journey. Now Brickflow focuses on some of the most recent trends, like the industry wide implementation of hashtags or the competition between Vine and Instagram Video. Most importantly we’ve clarified our strategy: instead of building an internal tool for creative agencies, Brickflow is a tool for the hard core users of Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr with the motto of “turn social media into visual stories.”


How did the change affect the founders and the team?

The iteration happened in numerous small steps, so we always found a consensus. Actually these discussions have helped a lot to establish the team well.


Which stage are you at? What is the next step?

After a long period of closed testing we are launching the public beta on the 20th of July. In the coming period we are focusing on user acquisition and aim to raise a seed round.


What are you looking for, how can others help Brickflow now?

Just use Brickflow and tell us what you think! Sign up now at


What is your vision?

We believe creativity is our natural state and that it is a shared community experience, as well as a result of a collaborative process. We think that creativity flows most freely in an open and playful environment, and that great masterpieces come together brick by brick, like playing with Legos.


How do you see yourself in 5 years?

If everything goes well, we will be running one of the key social media platforms from a CEE development HQ while having a very strong presence in the USA. On the other hand if Brickflow happened to be in the less successful 95% of startups with a short lifecycle, I am pretty sure we’d all be working on another startup.