Breaking: Two Hungarian companies will be taken to the Silicon Valley

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 According to latest rumors two Hungarian companies were selected to the best 6-10 startups of the Startup Sauna Finalists that will be able to travel to the Silicon Valley in January 2013. and SooMeta were among the top performers during the Startup Sauna  Accelerator Program therefore they were offered a place not just presenting during the Slush but travelling to the Valley in order to meet investors, media representatives and get insight to the best startup ecosystem of the world.

The selection criteria for the teams are the market potential in the US, the progress they have shown during the Acceleration and the quality of the team Startup Sauna Silicon Valley week focuses on giving the startups a sneak peak to the Silicon Valley ecosystem.


The week focuses on meeting Startup Sauna coaches in Valley, investors and media. In addition, the startups are encouraged to schedule their own meetings with customers and potential partners. The objectives of the week are testing the market in Silicon Valley, learn how the best startup ecosystem works and do promotion for the startups of Northern Europe and Central Eastern Europe.

Way to go Mcule and SooMeta! We will keep the readers of updated!